Overview of Account Numbers

The account number assigned to each of your accounts is the primary way the system keeps track of your customer records. It is the single most important number in the system because all of your tank information and most of your accounting transactions are directly tied to it.

Because of this, you need to keep the following things in mind regarding account numbers and how they're assigned and used by the system.

1. All customer records MUST have an Account Number. 

2. All Account Numbers MUST be unique (the Lynx system will insure that this is so).

3. You can set the number you want the next account added to the system to have assigned to it by keying in that number in Company Preferences, like this:

4. This must be a number only (no letters) and can be of any length (4-digits is recommended but not mandatory).

5. The system will automatically increment this number by one for each new account added to the system.

6. Once an Account Number is assigned, it cannot be changed.

7. If an account is deleted, DO NOT reuse that Account Number.

8. You can assign your own numbers if you wish but it is highly recommended that you let the system assign them automatically for you.

9. If you assign your own numbers, you can use combinations of numbers and letters if you like but it is highly recommended that you use numbers only.

10. If you do use numbers and letters in your Account Numbers, the system cannot assign them for you, you must assign each one manually.  

11. Another big advantage of using numbers only is that it significantly speeds up entering accounting transactions since you never have to remove your hand from the numeric keypad.