The Difference Between Notes and Reminders

You can add notes to any customer in the system.  This is a handy way to keep track of miscellaneous information about the account.  

Notes are divided into four types:

  1. General Notes . . . such as "Charlies wife's name is Barbara"
  2. Collection Notes . . . such as " Mary said the check was in the mail"
  3. Delivery Notes . . . such as "Check the gauge on the next delivery"
  4. Service Notes . . . such as "Need to schedule maintenance"

This makes it easier to categorize information and keep it separate.  For instance, you can see all of the collection notes about an account without having to wade through all the other stuff. 

Notes can be added, changed, deleted, viewed, and/or printed for any account at any time. In addition, you can view and/or print all of the notes for all of your customers.

 Note: When you add a reminder date to any note it becomes a "reminder".

That is, reminders are kept in the system and displayed for all accounts when they reach (or pass) the reminder date and you want to View Reminder Notes .

Like other notes, reminders can also be categorized by General, Collection, Delivery, and Service.

The bottom line is:

Notes are kept on the account and available for viewing or printing whenever you specifically go and get them.

Reminders are kept on the account and are displayed for you selectively and automatically when they reach (or pass) the associated reminder date.

If there are any notes on the account, an asterisk will appear on the NOTES tab, like this .