Enter Invoices

Invoices can be added to an existing invoice batch (provided it's still "open") or to a new batch. Here's how it's done.

Note: The following procedure assumes you are using the numeric keypad on the right side of your keyboard. This is a much quicker way to enter invoices because it allows for one-handed keying.  To activate the keypad, make sure the Num Lock light is lit by pressing the key (if it's not already lit). For more detail on this, see How to Use the Numeric Keypad

1. If you want to enter invoices to an existing batch, you start by finding the batch. This can be done in two different ways:

  1. Find an Invoice Batch by Batch Number
  2. Find an Invoice Batch by Invoice Number

2. If you want to enter invoices to a new batch, begin by using the Add an Invoice Batch procedure.

3. In either case, you'll be at the Enter Invoices window. with the Batch tab active. Left-click on the tab.



To speed up the keying (because it will be all numeric), it's a good idea to set the "Find a Customer Default" to "Account #". To do this or to check and see if it's already set this way, left-click the button and then left-click on View Invoicing Preferences from the drop-down menu. Left-click the Account # radio button (if it hasn't already been selected) like this:
After you're done, left-click the close button  to return to the Enter Invoices window with the Invoice Detail tab window showing.


4. Press the key and the cursor will be positioned in the Invoice # box.

5. If the number showing is not the Invoice number you want to use, key in the correct one and then press the key. If this is the Invoice number you want, simply press the key.

6. In either case, the system will now display the Find a Customer window. If you have the "Find a Customer" default set to "Account #" (as described above) you can now key in the customer account number and press the key.

Note: You can also double-left-click on the account to be entered or left-click the account and then left-click the OK button. Either of these will do the same thing. The problem is that both of these approaches mean taking your hand off the keypad to use the mouse and are not nearly as fast.

7. Regardless of how you do it, the Enter Invoices window with the tab window showing will now be displayed. The information about the customer you selected will be entered by the system and the cursor will be positioned in the box.

8. Key in the quantity and then press the key. The cursor will be positioned in the text box. Key any character (like a "1") in the box and a drop-down list of products will immediately appear. Press the down arrow key (and the up arrow key if necessary) until you get to the product/price on the drop-down list that applies to this invoice.

9. Press the key which will enter the selected Price Code, the Price associated with it, the Description, will extend the Total, and will calculate any applicable taxes. Following this, the window will be cleared and the cursor will be positioned in the Invoice # box ready for you to enter the next invoice. Press the key and return to step 5 above.

10. When you're done entering all of the invoices for this batch, print the batch report by selecting Print Batch Report from the button drop-down list. Then left-click the close button to return to the Lynx Main Menu