Overview of Writing Checks

There are four different ways to use Lynx to write checks.

Which one you use depends on the type of transaction involved and which parts of the system you're using. 


Refund checks are the ONLY type of check you can write if you're ONLY using the Accounts Receivable part of the system.

1. Refund Checks . . .

Refund Checks
Where found? Accounts Receivable
Used for To reimburse a customer
Example Customer returns tank that has fuel left in it
Accounting result Cash is credited and A/R is debited
For further help How to Handle Customer Refunds


The following three types of checks are ONLY used if you are using the entire system (including Accounts Payable and the General Ledger). If you are not, these do not apply.

2. Accounts Payable Checks . . .

Accounts Payable Checks
Where found? Accounts Payable
Used for To pay "normal" vendor invoices
Example When you pay your wholesaler for a load of fuel
Accounting result Cash is credited and A/P is debited
For further help Overview of Accounts Payable


3. Quick Checks . . .

Quick Checks
Where found? General Ledger
Used for To pay a one-time expense
Example You order a pizza for a meeting
Accounting result Cash is credited and an expense account is debited
For further help Quick Check Writer


4. Journal Entry Checks . . .

Journal Entry Checks
Where found? Journal Entries
Used for To make a payment involving multiple accounts
Example You make a loan payment involving principle and interest
Accounting result Cash is credited, Notes Payable is debited, and Interest Expense is debited
For further help Print a Journal Entry Check