Remove a Company Owned Tank from the System

Normally, when you remove a company owned tank from an existing customer, the system will automatically move it to account 0 (the Yard Account). The presumption is that this tank will later be moved to another customer location from the Yard.

However, there may be times when an existing company owned tank needs to be completely removed from the system. For instance, this could happen if the tank is sold or permanently ruined.

Here's how to handle this situation.

1. Find the tank to be removed by using one of the following:

By Tank Serial Number

By Account Number

By Delivery Street Number

By Delivery Street Name


2. Regardless of how you find the tank, the Add, Change, Delete Tanks or Equipment window will be displayed.

3. You'll notice that the Owned By box shows this to be a company owned tank:

4. Left-click the down arrow   and select "Customer", like this:

5. Now the system thinks that this is a customer owned tank and customer owned tanks can be deleted from the system.  To do this, go to Remove a Customer Owned Tank from an Account.