Set Up Company Preferences

Company preferences are choices that you make that are company-wide and direct the system to perform certain functions in certain ways. This is also where you "turn on" the Accounts Payable accounting module.

By the way, throughout the Lynx system are other more specific sets of preferences (like account preferences) that apply only to certain parts of the system.

Here's how these company-wide preferences are set:


From the Lynx Main Menu . . .

1. Left-click on Company and a drop-down menu will appear

2. Left-click on Company Preferences

3. This will display the Company Preferences window

4. There are multiple tabs at the top of the window that all deal with specific company preferences

For an example of this, left-click here.


5. Left-click any of the links below to learn more about what each of these company preferences do:

Accounts Receivable Preferences

Printing Preferences

Pre-buy Preferences

Company Routing Preferences

More Company Preferences